Make sure you have installed the current frameworks (AKA dependencies or helper programs) before installing GRASS for the first time. If you are updating, check the frameworks page to make sure you have the most current framework versions.

Stable Releases - For OSX 10.8+

Version Date Binary
GRASS 6.4.6 svn 28 Apr 2016 download
GRASS 7.0.5 stable 3 Oct 2016 download

Development Releases - For OSX 10.8+

Version Date Binary
GRASS 7.2 development 14 Sept 2016 download
GRASS 7.3 development 14 Sept 2016 download
GRASS 7.3 64bit wxPython 3 13 June 2016 download

These versions of GRASS are compiled with international support (gettext) and LiDAR (LASlib and tools) support. As far as I can tell, they work with Mac OS X version 10.8 (AKA "Lion") through 10.10 (AKA "Yosemite"). They work with OS X 10.11 (AKA "El Capitan") if System Integrity Protection is disabled. As of 24 February 2015, these versions now install directly into the Mac Applications folder, instead of a GRASS folder. This is because of permissions problems with the GRASS folder. You can still move the GRASS apps to a folder of your choice.


A new “feature” in OS X 10.9.x (AKA Mavericks) defaults to only allowing you to download applications from the Apple App Store. To download GRASS (not in the App Store), you need to turn this off.

You can do it once for each download by holding the control (Ctrl) key when you open it for the first time. You'll be given a warning and a chance to open it anyway.

To turn this off for all downloaded software, open the preferences for “security & privacy” and select “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere”. Once GRASS is downloaded you can turn it back on if you prefer. But you will have to turn it off if you want to download GRASS again from this site.

GRASS 7.1 64bit experimental test build

The experimental 64 bit build available here seems to work with slightly older 32 bit frameworks. But you can bet 64 bit versions from the website

Stable Releases - For OSX 10.6+ (will not be updated further)

Version Date Binary
GRASS 6.4.3 stable 30 July 2013 download

Development Releases - For OSX 10.6+ (will not be updated further)

Version Date Binary
GRASS 6.4 dev 1 November 2013 download
GRASS 6.5 dev 31 October 2013 download
GRASS 7.0 dev 1 November 2013 download


I have upgraded to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), and will no longer be compiling binaries for OSX 10.6. So if you have 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and don't plan on updating your Mac OS, you will want to download the older GRASS binaries above.

The new development binaries I'll be posting will support OSX 10.8 and up, and use Python 2.7 (default Python in OSX 10.7 and above)

Unless there are reports of problems with Mavericks, I will probably leave my binary for GRASS stable 10.6.3 as it is. That means that it will continue to run under OSX 10.6 for the foreseeable future.

The older binaries for 10.6 seem to also run well with Mavericks. However, for g.extension to work in Mavericks, you'll need to update to the current version of Xcode and command line tools (v. 5.x). I get some warnings but it seems like extensions compile.


Click to watch Capt. James T. Kirk pitch GRASS in 1987
(this is a QuickTime version of a movie narrated by William Shatner)

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