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I'm new at this, and i'm trying to work with GRASS within QGIS. First i installed QGIS 3.8 (i had earlier versions), and when i tried to run GRASS commands, QGIS says that GRASS can not be found.

I installed the GRASS 7.7 version in a Macbook pro late 2011, High Sierra OS, and i cant open it, i followed all the instructions for the instalation, but doesn't seemed to work. Appears an OSStatus -67062 error.

I mannualy changed the directory of GRASS at QGIS processing tools, but didn't worked too.

Hope you can help me, and sorry for the bad english,

Thanks in advance


GRASS 7.7 not starting by Martin ErdmannMartin Erdmann, 15 Oct 2019 17:30

Hello, i just install grass 7.4.4 on mac 10.14.6.
When, I want create new location I select advanced method- select coordinate system…. There is my problem. I am not able to choose any of projection.
The Terminal is saying:
ttributeError: 'ListEvent' object has no attribute 'm_itemIndex'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Applications/", line 568, in OnItemSelected
index = event.m_itemIndex
AttributeError: 'ListEvent' object has no attribute 'm_itemIndex'

How can i fix this problem? :) thanks

Creating new Location by VydraVydra, 02 Oct 2019 12:37

This is the last GRASS version using Python 2.x. All future versions will rely on Python 3.x and have Python 3.x packaged in the app.

I just uploaded a new GRASS 7.6.1 stable today. I am starting to add a configuration text file so users can check what dependencies are used.

Re: Releases and updates by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 13 May 2019 18:54

I just posted new binaries for GRASS 7.4.2 stable, 7.6.0 stable, and 7.7 development release. I've had trouble compiling binaries for the past several months but was finally able to get things to work. Try them out.

The digitizer is still broken but hopefully this can be fixed in the near future.

Re: Releases and updates by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 28 Jan 2019 13:28

Just added updated 'preview' releases for GRASS 7.4 and 7.6 with all the fixes included.

I just posted the latest, advanced GRASS 7.7 Mac binary. It has many bug fixes for the Mac, as well as new features. As with all my new binaries, this is fully 64 bit and uses advanced wxPython 4. As far as I can tell, the only remaining serious bug is that the digitizer is still broken.

These fixes should be ported to versions 7.6 and 7.4 very soon. I will post new binaries for those as soon as the fixes are in. The development team is moving to release a new stable v. 7.4.2 soon, followed by a stable 7.6.0. Building on a Google Summer of Code project, we are now testing migration to Python 3.


Thanks. I can now reproduce this. It needs to be reported as a bug.

Re: GRASS 7 crashing by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 26 Jul 2018 20:17

I've just posted a new GRASS 7.5 dev binary. Mostly it is a fix for m.nviz.image.

Re: Releases and updates by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 26 Jul 2018 20:14

I am using the button on the right side of the map layer that says "Click to edit layer settings" on mouse over and then selecting remove from the menu that pops up.

The app did not crash when I right clicked on the layer and selected remove bust crashes everytime I use the button.

Re: GRASS 7 crashing by putnajoeputnajoe, 23 Jul 2018 20:30

This is odd. I am running the same OS and just tried it with 7.4.0 and 7.1. No problem.

How are you removing the layers? Using right click? The remove button on the button bar? Other means?

Re: GRASS 7 crashing by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 12 Jul 2018 00:06

I did just try the North Carolina data and the same behavior exists with a segmentation fault occurring when removing a raster map layer.

Re: GRASS 7 crashing by putnajoeputnajoe, 11 Jul 2018 22:11

I have tried GRASS 7.4.0 and GRASS 7.4.1 on High Sierra 10.13.5 as the bundled versions would be great so SIP does not have to be disabled. I was using the spearfish data that our Geography professor who uses the application always uses and just tried to add and remove any raster map layer from the list. The error in the terminal when the program crashes is /Applications/ line 3: 9516 Segmentation fault: 11 /Applications/ "$@" for GRASS 7.4.1 and /Applications/ line 3: 9375 Segmentation fault: 11 /Applications/ "$@" for GRASS 7.4.0. I will try the South Carolina data.

Re: GRASS 7 crashing by putnajoeputnajoe, 11 Jul 2018 22:06

Could you describe this in more detail? Which version of GRASS, which OS? Describe the sequence of actions that causes the crash. Are there any error messages in the terminal or console? Have you tried this with the standard GRASS demo data from South Carolina?

Re: GRASS 7 crashing by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 11 Jul 2018 19:45

GRASS 7 is crashing every time when removing a raster layer on macOS when using the app bundled with the frameworks. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thank you.

GRASS 7 crashing by putnajoeputnajoe, 11 Jul 2018 18:55

I've just posted a new
GRASS 7.5 dev binary with some additional bug fixes for interface issues and more general updates.

I've also made new versions of the download links. Hopefully these work better and do not produce corrupted files.

Re: Releases and updates by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 11 Jun 2018 22:20

I just posted a new GRASS 7.5 dev binary. It has a fix for the menu bar bug switching between 2D and 3D mode.

New GRASS 7.5 dev binary by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 07 Apr 2018 00:09

I just updated these stable versions with a bug fix for a problem in setting display and output fonts.

Releases and updates by cmbarton54cmbarton54, 07 Apr 2018 00:08


Someone else had a similar problem but other people have not. My guess (truly a guess) is that is some kind of issue with downloading from Google drive, the only place I have available to post the binaries right now. If you send me your email, I can try to provide a temporary alternative download location and see if that works. Contact me at moc.liamg|notrab.leahcim.c#moc.liamg|notrab.leahcim.c.


Right. It is not compiled with PostGIS support at the present. This is a compiler option that may or may not be easy to implement. At the moment, I'm still trying to make sure that the new way of compiling works and get GRASS to the level of functionality that it was with the old method. I also am hoping to work with others on the dev team to deal with several nasty bugs that have appeared with the switch to 64bit wxPython. I do hope to be able to compile new versions in the coming weeks with some bug fixes.

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